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As a small business, or even a large one, SEO is the key to gaining new clients and brand awareness. We detail our key steps to SEO success.

With Google making changes to it’s algorithms, and applying new ones, it’s a tough job to keep on track of the best SEO practices, or is it?

Google, like any other business also has competition. Yahoo, & Bing are the big ones. They must ensure they keep their customer happy. Search results must be relevant to the user, the websites displayed should be accessible on any device, page loading speeds must be quick, and crucially the content must be good!

Responsive / Mobile Friendly Web Design

With Googles algorithm change on the 21st April 2015, having a mobile friendly website is now a must. With website traffic already being viewed with a 50/50 split between desktop and mobile devices this is a big tick that you need to keep, or improve your SEO. Test Your Website Here


Page Loading Speed

Have you ever visited a website which took too long to load and you clicked straight off. Of course you have. With a huge amount of websites available, if yours take a long time to load not only will people click off but Google tests your page speed. Ensuring you pages are loading quickly is a key to SEO success. Test Your Loading Speed Here


Contact Details, Address, Phone Number

Another big tick with Google is ensuring you can be linked to all your online platforms. Your web address should be located in the footer or your website and appearing on every page. This needs to be replicated to the exact character on all business directories your listed on, all search engine submissions, etc.  Make Sure your business is listed on Google Maps / Places.


Use Google Tools

We’re not sure if this part is 100% true, but it most certainly won’t hurt. USE GOOGLES PRODCUTS. Google analytics, webmasters, keyword finder, are all free. The more Google tools you use the better your SEO. They can prove to be a minefield to a beginner but there is a huge amount of videos and information available online to help.


Social Media

If you’re not already using Social Media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, then make sure you do. These are strong links leading back to your website, not to mention the amount of followers you can build that helps boost your business sales and brand awareness. This is another great tick for Google in SEO success.


Content Is King ( Yes that phrase again ) 

Content really is king. There are many black hat SEO techniques around, buy incoming links, etc etc. NONE OF THEM WORK – Not in the long run. Organic SEO is a long term investment, it takes time to build up good quality links to your website, it takes time to build up a group of followers. It all comes down to content. Google really want to give their users the experience they deserve when searching the web, this experience is finding relevant content easily.

The easiest way to SEO success is a long game, publish good quality content on your website regularly. Content which will engage readers. Readers will share this content, building you good quality incoming links. This will be a slow process but will pay for itself in due time.


If your in a rush to get new sales and boost your website traffic. Try Google’s Pay Per Click.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Google’s PPC is a great way to boost incoming traffic within a few hours. Be careful when using PPC though, it can be very easy to get carried away, and Google make it very easy for you to spend more money.. They are a business after all.

Do your research, set your budget based on your keywords and your competitor research, I wouldn’t use Google Display Network to begin with, or maybe not at all. It’s an easy way to burn cash fast. Stick with the search network only, and make seperate ad campaigns for each keyword.

If you’re a florist you might create a campaign for ” Florists Bristol ” this would also include a number of other keywords like “local Florists Bristol” etc

You would then want to create another campaign for a different Keyword ” Bouquet Delivery Bristol” .

Each campaigns adverts can be tailored to the keywords your using which boosts your Quality Score. Whilst i remember, QS or Quality Score is HUGE!!!

Make sure you switch on the option to view you QS for the ad groups. A Quality Score of 10/10 can reduce the amount you pay by 50%. A score of 1/10 can increase the cost you pay by 300%.

PPC will be covered in another article in more detail but the above should get you going. Don’t forget you can also ask our experts for help or we can manage your account.


In summary – Content is King, good quality content, written truthfully without keyword stuffing, shared on social media, is the major key to SEO Success.

Contact a member of the team today if you need help with your website or need pointing in the right direction. We’re a friendly bunch… Honest! 

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