Why A First Page Google Listing Cannot Be Guaranteed

  • August 4, 2015
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In this blog post we look at the many companies offering 1st place search results or even 1st page results guaranteed! Yes…. It does sound too good to be true!

A reputable SEO company will not offer this as a guaranteed service. Simple.

Now i hear you saying… You clearly say on the Hollow Box Media homepage ” Guaranteed increase in website traffic” Yes, yes we do.. read on to find out why we say that and mean it.

Lets look at the reasons why a good SEO company does not offer such a service, and why the majority of companies that do will often fail.. but you’ll still pay!

  • Keywords. Keywords are a competitive market. Companies offering a first page google listing often do so only on keywords they have chosen. This makes their job easy. Or certainly not impossible, but it won’t help drive the traffic to your website for the keywords you really want.


  • Even Google warns SEO companies NOT to sell in this way. Googles guidelines on search marketing even say, in Bright Bold Text

No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.

  • Google, Yahoo, and other major search engines are constantly looking at new ways to provide their users with TRUE results. The algorithms change many times a year, and include over 200 variables that all contribute towards to high search result listing. Take a look at our Guide to SEO Success for more information. Simply put.. Only Google know what to do to gain a 1st place rank.


  • Location. Yes, even where you are browsing the web from can change the search results. I’m in Bristol, but i could drive a few hours away to London and find a different set of results for the exact same search term in the space of a few hours. You might be #1 in one place but not 20 minutes down the road.


  • Rankings are a poor way to show results. You may have noticed even on our website we use the term “Guaranteed increase in traffic”. We use this very carefully, but also truthfully. Simply put, we cannot guarantee a 1st page listing, we’ve already established that no body can, but we can guarantee an increase in traffic to your website. Being on page 1 of Google will increase your traffic, but a better way to show the increase in traffic is by showing conversions. An increase in traffic means the SEO company are doing their job!


  • It’s just not cricket. Making guarantee’s about something you simply cannot do is just not good, it’s not good for your business, it’s not good for your customers, and it’s ethically just wrong. Hence why mosts companies that do offer this are just after one thing……….. Your Money!

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